Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies

Purchasing a commercial or industrial size renewable power system is a significant investment for any organisation. Anyone who has tried to test the market by sourcing multiple quotes will know that every installation company will claim their system is the best quality and will deliver the greatest financial return. With renewable power systems however, problems often arise when a customer revceices conflicting information or does not have the technical or industry specific knowledge to assess system designs and project costs. 

Tropical Energy Solutions offers Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies to assist clients in determining the most suitable option for them. This is often the first step in our larger commercial and industrial projects. Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies can be conduted as part of an Energy Audit or as a stand-alone service and may include:

  • Cost benefit analysis of Grid Connect, Off-Grid and Hybrid power systems. 
  • Technical and financial information required by lending institutions and grant funding organisations. 
  • Impacts of renewable power systems on tariff selection.
  • Carbon, demand and energy consumption reductions.
  • System design.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Site specific considerations (e.g. shading, wiring routes, component locations).
  • Data and system requirements for tender specifications.
  • Tender evaluations.

Additionally we are able to offer Contractor Liaison, Project Supervision and Management Services. 

Clicke here to go to our projects page and see examples of our Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies projects. 

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