Tariff Analysis

Until recently, electricity tariffs did not change much from year to year and annual price increases were generally the same across all tariffs and their components (e.g. service, consumption and demand charges). In Queensland this has changed dramatically in recent years with businesses being classified as small or large customers, new and transitional tariffs being introduced and others becoming absolete. Charges for the individual components of tariffs are also increasing at different rates as governments and retailers attempt to make electricity supply cost reflective. 

These changes have meant that many customers have been left on, or moved to tariffs that are not the most beneficial to them. This will remain the case as identifying and requesting tariff changes are the responsibility of the customer.

How much electricity you use, when you use it, what for and how much you use at a particular time all affect the annual costs. Matching your electricity use with the right tariff can reduce operating costs substantially. 

Tropical Energy Solutions has developed a Tariff Calculator that identifies the most suitable tariff for commercial operators based on past consumption, demand and time of use data. The calculator also shows the annual savings of changing tariffs at current electricity prices, facilitating a cost benefit alaysis of any electrical works or distributor changes that may be required. We are also able to model how consumption and demand reductions can affect costs and tariff selection. 

An example or how a Tariff Analysis can reduce operating costs is shown in the table below:

This example is from a single account operated by one of our customers. Further investigations found that the metering was already set up for the recommended tariff. The customer was able to change to the new tariff via an e-mail request with no cost or disruption to their operations. As electricity prices continue to rise in the future so too will the annual savings. 

Click here to go to our projects page and see more examples of our Tariff Analysis projects. 

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